Photo of Jeni Slotchiver at the piano


“The Busoni Symposium: A Titan Abroad” read article International Piano

“The third volume of Jeni Slotchiver's series on Centaur, Busoni the Visionary, demonstrates the tenacity of the pianist in pursuit of her goal. Slotchiver's abiding sympathy for Busoni's neglected keyboard works surely equals her virtuosity in playing them, and her passion in performance matches her commitment. Slotchiver's ability to clarify Busoni's textures and ideas gives her credibility as a leading interpreter, considering the composer's daunting challenges in technique and style.” — Blair Sanderson, AllMusic

“This release is a revelation. Jeni Slotchiver is a pianist of the highest artistry. Fully in control of this notoriously difficult material, she has the technical equipment to let the music speak without impediment…emphasizing forward momentum and rhythmic polish. Slotchiver brings Busoni’s music into our era. It is a bold and brazen choice.” full review — Tony Gualtiere, Classic Music Review

“Centaur Records presents the third volume of Busoni the Visionary, as realized by the splendid interpretation of the pianist, Jeni Slotchiver” full review — Marco del Vaglio, criticaclassica (Naples)

“Illuminated, brilliantly executed renditions of Busoni works declare Slotchiver as a major exponent of this rarified tradition.” full review — Gary Lemco, Audiophile Auditions

“Pianist Jeni Slotchiver may well prove to be this composer's best exponent and intercessor between him and the listener. Her playing is first and foremost at the service of the music, and always leads the narrative to its inevitable conclusion. Some of the titans of the piano like Ogdon, Brendel and Hamelin have already put their stamp on this music, but there is nothing to prevent Jeni Slotchiver from imprinting her own art, technical skill and persona on it. If you've passed on this composer before from fear of getting lost, let this Busoni specialist be your dedicated guide.” — Jean-Yves Duperron, Classical Music Sentinel

“Startlingly good music, superbly played…An intriguing, compelling recital. Slotchiver absolutely nails the work's grandeur and epic sweep. Slotchiver's playing never disappoints, and her detailed, lucid sleeve notes are a pleasure to read.” full review — Graham Rickson, The ARTS desk

“No one plays Busoni’s piano music with greater clarity or depth of understanding than Jeni Slotchiver. There is no finer, or more committed, advocate for this greatly underrated composer working today.” — Jerry Bowles, Sequenza/21

“Pianist Jeni Slotchiver loves this music passionately, as both her performance and her intelligent booklet notes make very clear. [Ms. Slotchiver has an] extraordinary involvement with, and ability to project, the music’s haunting ambivalence. Her wide range of keyboard color and sense of mystery are quite simply mesmerizing …positively physical. It’s rare indeed to hear an artist…with such strong (and poetic) ideas…performed this way, Busoni’s music really gets under your skin.” — David Hurwitz, CLASSICS TODAY

“Jeni Slotchiver is armed with an iron-clad technique that quite comfortably surmounts the very stiff challenges presented by the composer. The Sonatinas do not sound like technical nor intellectual exercises, rather mini-fantasies that she colours with a wealth of responses and insights. I particularly appreciated the haunting and mystical atmosphere she recreates… the performances are nothing short of satisfying. In summary, she is every bit the equal of these masterful creations. What should also not go ignored are the very detailed and well-researched notes for the programme that gives the listener a complete historical background to the music. No other recording is as exhaustive in its coverage. Count yourself a minor authority on Busoni after reading the booklet, but first enjoy the music!” — Chang Tou Liang, The Flying Inkpot

Critics Choice: Appropriate for Millennial Reflections “A fascinating program of piano works impressively played by the pianist Jeni Slotchiver…Filled with incandescent piano writing and music of stunning harmonic invention…A Vivid performance.” full review — Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

FANTASTIC STUFF “Jeni Slotchiver's virtuosity, polish and control of nuance make for some gripping music making, and her huge range of dynamics are a joy to have. And what about her inlay card notes? Oh, fantastic stuff. A must for all pianophiles, especially Busoni fans.” full review — Gerald Fenech, Music & Vision

“This CD continues American pianist Jeni Slotchiver’s Busoni the Visionary series. Her wonderful playing and program notes challenge the image of Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924) as a chilly intellectual composer of contradictory, strange works. We have instead a well-rounded Busoni: piano virtuoso; extraordinary composer; key figure in modern music.” full review — Roger Knox, The Wholenote, Toronto

“Jeni Slotchiver, in the third volume of her "Busoni the Visionary" series, clarifies the Italian-German composer's vision in performances that are subtly shaped, powerful, and well-defined.” full review — Jay Harvey, UPSTAGE

“Jeni Slotchiver plays striking and moving music…lovely and stirring. A towering spiritual statement, especially in a performance as fine as Slotchiver’s, where the technical accomplishment is entirely at the service of the music’s inward grandeur.” — Michael Tanner, CLASSIC CD

“A delight! Her technique is superior. [Her] interpretation is refined, always very coherent, possessing the qualities of a master colorist.” — Lucie Renaud, La Scena Musicale

“I particularly admired the graceful seriousness of her way. Clarity is paramount, as is the quality of ‘veil’ and a sense of mysterious interiority… Lyricism and simplicity in her hands. An authoritative series of performances.” — Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb-International

“Jeni Slotchiver [achieves] technical brilliance in her performance. Her musicality is of the same high standard…perfectly executed expression.” — Rachel Bull, THE CLASSICAL SOURCE

“In all ways, it is one of the outstanding discs to come to my attention. Let me express my profound satisfaction for the superb quality of the sound and for the professional panache of the recital. Excellent in every way.” — Albert Petrak, WCLV Classical Music Around the Clock

“Slotchiver is an ardent disciple of Busoni – her playing is authoritative and the recorded sound excellent. A persuasive performance. One looks to the next disc with considerable interest.” — Colin Scott-Sutherland, MusicWeb-International

“Those who dare to perform Busoni need to be aware of the different genres and the technical troubles. Slotchiver accepts the challenge in full. She is able to completely master the technical troubles, has the ability to perform the fortes as well as the agility needed to play the quick runs. As it appears form her penetrating analysis, she is fully aware of the intellectual contents which she can materialize by means of sound. Her artistic grandness shines!” — Péter Varga, Café Momus (Budapest)

“In comparing Slotchiver’s interpretation with the classic recordings of Petri and Michelangeli, both Petri and Michelangeli sound mannered and romantic in their approach. Slotchiver’s dynamics are almost as wide as Michelangeli’s performance, but transitions from loud passages to soft are less abrupt and ultimately less jarring. In Slotchiver’s hands, the music sings.” — ToHu Tyanmuepu, РЖ Russian Journal

“Outstanding pianism. Her artistry sparkles throughout the disk, and the finest and subtlest detail deftly emerge. It is however, merely the first step on a journey that should be of immense recording significance.” — Robert Cummings, CD NOW