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Busoni The Visionary III

Busoni The Visionary III“A CD of great depth - powerful resonances - evocative passages, restored to their fullness by the extraordinary interpretation of Jeni Slotchiver, who shows her world-class playing, endowed with great technique” — Marco del Vaglio, CriticaClassica

Track Title Duration
1 Toccata Preludio - Fantasia - Ciaccona 11:45
2 Ten Variations on a Prelude of Chopin 12:53
Prélude et Etude (en Arpèges)
3 I Prélude 4:19
4 II Etude 4:22
5 Nuit de Noël Esquisse pour le Piano 4:17
6 Fantasia nach Johann Sebastian Bach
Alla Memoria di mio Padre Ferdinando Busoni † il 12 Maggio 1909 †
7 Prelude and Triple Fugue in E Flat Major for Organ BWV 552 (St. Anne) By Johann Sebastian Bach
(transcribed for piano by Busoni)
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Busoni The Visionary II

Busoni The Visionary II“Like the composer, she is no show-off, but a musician who finds a compelling balance between eloquence and restraint. Her every performance is worthy of the highest respect.” — Marcus Dalton, Piano Magazine

Track Title Duration
The Six Sonatinas
1 Sonatina 12:48
2 Sonatina seconda 8:50
3 Sontina ad usum infantis Madeline M. Americanae
pro Clavicimbalo composita
4 Sonatina in diem nativitatis Christi MCMXVII 7:57
5 Sonatina brevis. In Signo Joannis Sebastiani Magni.
In freier Nachdichtung von Bachs Kleiner Fantasie und Fuge d-moll
6 Sonatina super Carmen 8:50
Toccata in C Major for Organ BWV 564 by Johann Sebastian Bach
(transcribed for piano by Busoni)
7 Prelude 6:57
8 Adagio 5:26
9 Fuga 5:13
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Busoni The Visionary

Busoni The VisionaryCritics Choice: Appropriate for Millennial Reflections “A fascinating program of piano works impressively played by the pianist Jeni Slotchiver. A Vivid performance.” — Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

Track Title Duration
Red Indian Diary: Book One. (1915)
Four studies on motifs of the North-American Indians
1 Hopi He-Hea Katzina Song. 2:50
2 Cheyenne Song of Victory. 1:49
3 Pima Blue Bird Song.
Lagunas Corn-Grinding Song.
4 Wabanakis Passamquoddy Dance Song.
Hopi He-Hea Katzina Song.
Seven Elegies
5 Nach der Wendung. Recueillement
(After the Turning. Resolution)
6 All’ Italia! In modo napolitano
(To Italy! In Neapolitan style)
7 ‘Meine Seele bangt und hofft zu Dir…’ Choralvorspeil
(‘My Soul fears and hopes for you…’)
8 Turandot’s Frauengemach. Intermezzo
(The boudoir of Turandot.)
9 Die Nächtlichen. Walzer
(The Nightly.)
10 Erscheinung. Notturno
(The Vision.)
11 Berceuse
12 Chaconne (transcribed for piano)
from Partita D Minor for Solo Violin, by J.S. Bach
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