Photo of Jeni Slotchiver at the piano

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Cover of Busoni The Visionary, Volume III

Busoni The Visionary Volume III, Jeni Slotchiver’s latest installment in ‘The Visionary’ series, is now available.

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Jeni Slotchiver’s article: Ferruccio Busoni - The Six Sonatinas: An Artist’s Journey 1909-1920 – his language and his world, concludes in the May/July 2016 issue of Musical Opinion Quarterly. View Article


“Illuminated, brilliantly executed renditions of Busoni works declare Slotchiver as a major exponent of this rarified tradition.”

— Gary Lemco, Audiophile Audition

“Like the composer, she is no show-off, but a musician who finds a compelling balance between eloquence and restraint. Her every performance is worthy of the highest respect.”

— Marcus Dalton, Piano Magazine

“A CD of great depth - powerful resonances - evocative passages, restored to their fullness by the extraordinary interpretation of Jeni Slotchiver, who shows her world-class playing, endowed with great technique”

— Marco del Vaglio, CriticaClassica

“No one plays Busoni’s piano music with greater clarity or depth of understanding than Jeni Slotchiver. There is no finer, or more committed, advocate for this greatly underrated composer working today.”

— Jerry Bowles, Sequenza/21

“Her wide range of keyboard color and sense of mystery are quite simply mesmerizing”

— David Hurwitz, Classics Today

“A fascinating program of piano works impressively played by the pianist Jeni Slotchiver”

— Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times